InknChalk Art School is closed.

Classes at the InknChalk Art School follow a structured art education program that has been applied successfully by many experienced art teachers.

InknChalk Art School Program

Art classes are limited to small groups to ensure the teacher can give quality time and attention to each student.

The quality of the art teacher is also important. Being a devoted artist who has exhibited a range of artwork helps the art teacher to demonstrate the skills required to be a creative artist. To lead by example is one of many teaching methods used by the InknChalk Art School.

InknChalk Art School Mission Statement

The Mission of the InknChalk Art School is to encourage students to express their creativity through the visual arts. Through the arts, we provide the foundations for a better society. Artistic expressions will enable the individual to contribute to society by learning, understanding, and creating artistic works that will provide enriching experiences for all in society. To achieve this mission, the InknChalk Art School will provide a safe and engaging environment for all students to learn and grow.